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About Us

About Founders

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    Arun Mukherjee


    A college dropout by choice who entered markets at age of 14. Had his maiden management meet of Rain calcining (Rain Industries) prior to his college day. He says it was an easy decision to quit the moment the professor started teaching about management levels. He started his investment journey with a petty sum of 1000 bucks which over the years has grown to be a decent size portfolio where dividend takes care of his yearly expenses. An active small cap devotee with exposure of meeting over 250 listed companies. Mukherjee also happens to be one of most followed investors in Twitter with over 43000 followers. He has picked up some big multibagger stocks in his career of over 14 years including Havells, Cera, Symphony, Caplin Point, Medicamen Biotech, etc.

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    Soumya Malani


    A die-hard stock picker. He has completed his Masters in Accounting and Finance from the world renowned, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) but this is only a miniscule part of his academic achievements. Has been one of the state toppers in secondary and higher secondary examinations with All-India Ranks in CA and CS. He has been ruling the social networking platforms for his multibagger hunting skills. His quest and love for small cap stocks goes way back. Finding aggressive, visionary and intelligent fanatics on low base and tiny market caps is what he thrives on. He has made a killing in companies such as Avanti feeds, in which he made over 70 times, Minda Industries, Ajanta Pharma, Shilpa Medicare and many more which have turned out to be mega multi-baggers for him. He has mentored as well as invested with substantial stake in several start-ups and unlisted companies.

  • Together they conduct “Sharebazaar Workshops” Pan India and Internationally and have trained over 2,200 people.
  • They have been invited as the Guest Columnist for The Economic Times. You can visit the following link to read their articles:
  • They have also co-founded a stock market investment app called Share Bazaar App, available both on android as well as iOS. The app has received tremendous acceptance from the investment fraternity with rich downloads by over 75000 people.

Our Investment Style

  • Our aim is not just to recommend stocks, but make sure they are held long enough to make sizeable returns.
  • Concentrated portfolios, which are closely tracked are crucial in long term to wealth creation.
  • Invest in companies run by promoters who respect shareholders and are growth oriented.
  • Companies that have pricing power & business economics that can’t be easily replicated by competitors.
  • With enough margin of safety, protecting downside is our priority. Thus, even if things don’t work out, we have margin of safety on our side for capital protection.
  • Invest in companies that have the competence to emerge as leaders from sector they operate.

Our Philosophy


Small & Micro Caps

Our forte lies in finding small and micro cap stories and catch them while they are still their nascent stage.


Scuttlebut Approach

With a strong network of over 30,000 investors across India we have an unmatched ability in scuttlebut approach to investing.


Margin Of Safety

Simply Buying 1 Rupee worth of stuff for 50 Paise as we believe in 'heads we win, tails we not lose much.

We Help You Entire Journey