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  • Our aim is not just to recommend stocks, but make sure they are held long enough to make sizeable returns.
  • Concentrated portfolios, which are closely tracked are crucial in long term to wealth creation.
  • Invest in companies run by promoters who respect shareholders and are growth oriented.
  • Companies that have pricing power & business economics that can’t be easily replicated by competitors.
  • With enough margin of safety, protecting downside is our priority. Thus, even if things don’t work out, we have margin of safety on our side for capital protection.
  • Invest in companies that have the competence to emerge as leaders from sector they operate.

Small And Micro Caps - Our Forte Is Finding Small And Micro Cap Stories And Catch Them While They Are Still In Their Nascent Stage

Margin Of Safety-Simply Buying 1 Rupee Worth Of Stuff For 5 Paise As We Believe In Heads We Win, Tails We Not Lose Much

Scuttlebutt Approach -With A Strong Network Of Over 30,000 Investors Across India We Have An unmatched ability In Scuttlebutt Approach To Investing

Approximately 8-12 small and midcap ideas in an year. We are not obligated to provide stock ideas. Only when we find something worth with all the required meticulous due diligence, we resort to suggest it to our members.
We provide regular rather timely updates which safeguards your investments. Without updates, recommendations are useless. If you are betting on something for next 2-3-5 years, you ought to have updates about your companies. The world itself has become disruptive where things change in a blink of an eye. Without knowing what’s happening around you, you can be in a scary soup which can squander your portfolio.
No, we do not promise any guaranteed returns. Equity as an asset class involves volatility and has some element of risk. Understanding of it is important before you invest in equities.
Yes. We will guide you on when to sell the stock. We might give partial/full exit as per the situation.
Once you have made the payment you are requested to send an email on mentioning your name, account number, bank name, transaction number, and amount transferred. Also please attach the photo/screenshot of your payment details.Once the payment is verified from our bank account, the subscriber will need to complete the KYC and Risk Profile Questionnaire (as mandated by the regulator). Post verification your account will be active.
Anyone with capital of around 4-5 lakhs can consider joining our Stock Advisory Services.
Anyone with minimum capital of around 35 lakhs INR may consider our Portfolio Advisory Services.
  • People who consider stock markets as gambling den
  • People who dreams of making millions overnight
  • People who consider stocks as mere papers and not lucrative business ownership
  • People who need constant activity (buy/sell) in the market
Please visit our Services section and follow the process. If you need help and guidance please email on or call on +91-9007652301 for more details.