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We have conducted more than 40 Workshops across India and Abroad including Dubai and Singapore and have trained over 2,200 people. To know more about the speakers please visit "About Us".

Our Strengths – We Will Imbibe In You Too


Small & Micro Caps

Our forte lies in finding small and micro cap stories and catch them while they are still in their nascent stage.


Scuttlebut Approach

With a strong network of over 30,000 investors across India we have anunmatched ability in scuttlebut approach to investing.


Margin Of Safety

Simply Buying 1 Rupee worth of stuff for 50 Paise as we believe in 'heads we win, tails we not lose much.

What Will You Learn

  • Practical Aspects of Stock Markets - How they Work in Reality?
  • Importance of all the Important Ratios - How they help you to Pick up Stocks?
  • Application of Scuttlebutt in Equity Research – Knowing the Ground Reality
  • Growth Investing – The Way of Averaging Up / The Art of Buying High and Selling Higher
  • How to Identify a Fraud Company? How to identify a "Chor Bane Mor”
  • Importance of Cash Flows – Why Accrued PAT is Load of Crap.
  • The Art of Finding Patterns (Merger/Demerger, Joining of New Generation, Change of Hands/Takeover, Elaboration of Headwinds and Tailwinds and 13 more Patterns that lead to Multibaggers)
  • How to Approach the Promoters and the Management for Meeting.
  • Identifying the next Sectoral Bull Market Trend
  • Applying Common Sense and Different Ways to Pick Stocks.
  • The Importance of SIP and Proper Allocation.
  • Case Studies of Past Multi-baggers and Wealth Destroyers and what we can Learn from them.
  • How to Read a P&L Statement, Balance Sheet and Annual Report.
  • Miscellaneous Stuff - Anything related to Markets on Request of Participants.
  • Trend and Importance of Volumes
  • 18 Things to Remember
  • Importance of Checklist
  • Importance of Checklist

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